Welcome to the Xie Wiki!!!!!Edit

This wiki is a work in progress that's in serious need of work! I'm going to try to do a little bit each day, but could sure use some help. Don't be afraid to pitch in and add some content yourself! :)

I'd like to thank everyone that has helped so far, even the tiniest contribution helps a lot.

If you are having any trouble installing or running the mod, or have any feedback, please visit the mod's forum thread . This wiki is not for technical support or feedback.

About Xie's ModsEdit

This wiki is a user driven effort to describe and document Xie's Minecraft mods. The mods themselves can be found on their forum thread , or at Xie's Google code repository . Xie has stated that his goal when creating mods for Minecraft is:

" create additional content that is fun to play and adheres to the design precedent set down by the game's developers. In particular, I like to enhance the survival aspect of the game."

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