Tomato Bush

Tomato Bushes spawn naturally, and yield tomatoes when harvested. Unlike other crops, however, a tomato bush is not destroyed when harvested, it instead reverts to a previous stage of growth, and will then grow to maturity again. If properly protected from harm, a single tomato bush can theoretically yield an unlimited number of tomatoes.

If destroyed before maturity, a tomato bush will instead yield tomato seeds, which can be planted to grow new tomato bushes. Tomato seeds do not need to be planted on tilled soil to grow.


Tomatoes restore 2 points of hunger, and provide 0.6 nourishment points, they are also used in preparation of salads

Tomato JuiceEdit

Tomato juice is created by placing 1 tomato and 1 pile of salt above a glass bottle in the crafting grid.


Tomato seeds can be obtained by placing a tomato in the crafting grid alone, by breaking wild tomato plants, or by splicing Hybrid Wheat Seeds with rose red dye.