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The campfire provides light and can cook food, but not smelt ores, it is crafted by placing 4 sticks in a 2x2 pattern on a crafting table.


Potash is made from placing a single piece of charcoal in the crafting grid, campfires also leave behind 1 unit of this. It can be used to make trees grow instantly.


Fertilizer can be made by combining Potash and Bonemeal, it works on every plant added by the mod, as well as vanilla plants. 1 Bonemeal plus 1 Potash gives 2 Fertilizer.


Cotton is obtained by farming Cotton Plants, it can be crafted into string by placing 2 cotton balls vertically in the crafting grid. It yields one string.

Foraging StickEdit

The foraging stick is used to gather seeds from various natural plants found in the Minecraft world. It is crafted from a stick and a flint, and is used by right-clicking on a plant block. It has low durability (only 33 uses) and only has a small chance of yielding seeds with each hit, though sometimes there could be more then 1 seeds (of another kind), with a large chance of destroying the plant block. As such it is not guaranteed to yield seeds everytime it is used.

(Please note, the following information will be true once the content update has been released...)

It is usable on tall grass, dead trees, roses, dandelions, shrubs, wild corn and wild tomatoes. The possible seeds dropped from each of these plants are as follows:

Tall Grass: Onion seeds, lettuce seeds
Dead Tree: Apple seeds, lemon seeds, orange seeds, avocado seed
Shrub, Wild Corn and Wild Tomato: Cotton seeds, soy beans, tea leaves
Rose: Rose seeds
Dandelion: Dandelion seeds