These are additional content packs that have been created by users of the mod, creation of content is currently unsupported, although Xie intends to create some tutorials on how to do it in the near future.

Cylan Tharaith's BoostersEdit

These packs were created by Cylan_Tharaith All of them require you to be using Forge and the Forge version of Xie's mod. Core Booster major additions:

  • "Bauxite" :gathered from dirt and is melted down into aluminum bars.
  • "Rolled dough" for cookies. Additional boosters can extend the amount and types of cookies.
  • New Trees : Maple,Cinnamon,Clove and Coffee and more
  • New Crops : Oats Rye and Barley and more
  • New Plants : Vanilla, Ginger, Basil, Mint, Garlic, Scallions and Potato and more
  • More meats : Ham, Bacon, Groundbeef, Hamburger, Choppedburger, Meatballs and more
  • New Items : Glass Pitcher, Pitcher of Milk, Pitcher of Water, Food Coloring, Icing, Icecubes and many more!

More information can be found at the CT Boosters Wiki

JT's Tweaks Edit

Multiple simple (and not-so-simple) modifications of the Xie's Mod content by JT, including the Hardcore Default package. See the JT's Tweaks page for more information.