All of the boosters created by Cylan_Tharaith require the Forge version of Xie's mod to function.

The name was changed on 1/1/12 to reflect the Minecraft username of their creator.

These Boosters started out with a few simple boosters each running on their own. After getting some feedback in the minecraft forums, the concept of how to create packs more useable to other players took form, and a new booster format was decided upon. The "Core" was created so that further boosters could call on the same functionality, while adding player chooseable options to add on to Xie's mod. The concept behind "Core" was to make it so that once installed, any further released boosters did not have to have redundant items, and did not have to rely on eachother for function. Beyond the core the other boosters would be able to work either with or without eachother.

Now having there own dedicated wiki so that Cylan can (hopefully) have better documentation on the Boosters.

Cylan's Boosters Wiki