Version 1.1

Domino Flowers 1.0


Compatible CT Core 1.1 but does not require it.

A flower for every color of dye currently available in game. From top left:

  • Black Cala Lily (black)
  • Red Hibiscus (red)
  • Hosta (green)
  • Chocolate Columbine (brown)
  • Forget Me Nots (blue)
  • Hyacinth (purple)
  • Delphinium (dark cyan)
  • Snow In Summer (light gray)
  • Lamb's Ear (gray)
  • Echinacea (pink)
  • Sweet Caroline (lime green)
  • Daffodil (yellow)
  • Woodland Phlox (light blue)
  • Pansy (magenta)
  • Marigold (orange)
  • Baby's Breath (white)

Placing a flower in a craft GUI will allow you to break it down into the appropriate colored dye.

Flowers spawn naturally in the world, but once picked up can be placed on any surface. You can even break the block beneath them and they will remain in place. This was a feature intended to make interior decorating simpler, so blocks of dirt are not required indoors to have a houseplant.